CDRs Collection for legacy switches

CDR Collection for Legacy Switches

A versatile solution

With a wealth of experience since years acting in the Telecom domain, Marben, in partnership with Microtronix, provides powerful versatile and complete software and hardware CDR collection solutions for legacy switches and the associated technical assistance services and expertise to offer Telcos or System Integrators a turnkey solution.

Our solution is adapted for single switch collection as for large collection on complex and critical operator networks.

Supported Telecom switches

  • Alcatel E10 (FTAM/CMIP or CMIP only for real time)
  • Alcatel E10 OCB (283) (FTAM/CMIP or CMIP only for real time)
  • Alcatel S12 (FTAM/CMIP or FTAM only)
  • Ericsson AXE10 (FTAM or MTP)
  • Lucent 5ESS (FTAM or proprietary)
  • Nokia DS200 (FTAM or proprietary)
  • Nortel DMS 100 series. (XFER/AMATPS)
  • Nortel DMS 200 series. (FTAM)
  • Siemens EWSD (FTAM)
  • Other Telecom switches


  • Collection protocols: FTAM, CMISE/CMIP, XFER, MTP, AMATPS, EADAS
  • Network access: X.25, Ethernet, TCP/IP
  • Translations and conversion protocols: XOT, RFC1006, RAW
  • CDR transfer protocols: FTP, SFTP, NFS, SCP, FTAM


  • All legacy switches supported,
  • Versatile solution than provides only the protocols you need,
  • Ensure CDR integrity during transfer,
  • MARBEN OSI, FTAM and CMIP stacks are integrated in the most famous collection and supervision system,
  • Linux platforms supported,
  • Comes with the main collection procedures,
  • Customizable collection procedure to map specific needs.

Legacy switches' CDR collection and Marben experience

Call Detail Record (CDR) collection is at the front of the whole usage valuation and billing chain. It feeds the whole Telecom Service Provider's BSS with usage information it collects from the various switches and network elements for charging.

Whereas the new generation of switches supports most of the calls, legacy switches role is still important and associated revenues are still very significant. The collect of CDR from legacy switches stay a strategic investment for telecom operators, it must be reliable and efficient to assure complete and timely revenues. If initially planned to be removed from the network by 2015/2016, Telecom operators now know that they will have to support such legacy switches at least until 2020.

Thus, the existing CDR collection platforms for legacy switches (based on FTAM, CMIP, XER, MTP, AMATPS) running most of the time on Sun Sparc Solaris or HP-UX PA-Risk platforms will have to be replaced due to the end of the hardware support. To address these needs, MARBEN CDR Collection solution supports all new Linux platforms. Moreover, the migration of the Telco CDRs collection application from existing Sun Solstice or HP-OTS is straightforward as the interfaces are very similar.

Marben provides up to date solution and associated services to maintain collection application from legacy switches in TCP/IP and X.25 networks and to ensure a safe future for associated billing data. Several years of experience and usage in the most constraint environment makes MARBEN CDR Collection solution the most trustable and approved solution to collect legacy switches on Linux platforms (other platforms available).

MARBEN CDR Collection solution

The usage data collection is at the border between carrier's network and billing system. Mastering all X.25 networking and legacy collection protocols (FTAM, CMIP, XFER, MTP, AMATPS) aspects requires completely different knowledge and expertise from the TCP/IP used by the latest switches models and by OSS/BSS.

The MARBEN CDR Collection bridges the gap between the network of legacy telephone switches and new mediation and billing system. It deals with retrieving the Call Detail Records from legacy switches using FTAM, CMIP/CMISE, XFER, MTP or AMATPS and exchanging them with the billing system or any other downstream applications of the Telco information system using ftp/sftp/nfs/scp on TCP/IP.

The MARBEN CDR Collection solution is aimed at hiding the details and complexity of the communication with the legacy switches and appearing as a single source of CDR data to the mediation and billing system. It is a versatile stand-alone application that suits all existing and future networks architectures to interact with all mediations and billing systems.

Two main CDR collection solutions provided by Marben are described below:

  • Full software solution

    It is integrated in the existing collection platform or installed on a standalone frontend collection system.

    The solution is in conformance with all networks architecture and configuration available in existing Telecom networks.

    Collect CDRs from legacy Telecom switches (Alcatel, Ericsson, Siemens, Nortel, Nokia, ...)
    Collection of legacy switches using full software solution
  • Complete software and hardware collection gateway

    The gateway is usually installed in front of switches to avoid any network connectivity issue or simply to collect the switch as if it was providing an ftp/sftp interface.

    This solution avoids adding new features on an existing mediation system and is in conformance with all networks architecture and configuration you can face on your switches.

    Collect CDRs from legacy Telecom switches (Alcatel, Ericsson, Siemens, Nortel, Nokia, ...) using Microtronix gateway
    Collection of legacy switches using software and gateway solution

With MARBEN CDR Collection, Marben addresses the needs of all actors in the area of Call Detail Record for measurements, mediation or billing who want to continue to take benefit from their legacy switches:

  • Operators and integrators who collect billing CDRs or measurement CDRs from legacy switches.
  • Operators and integrators who replace legacy switches mediation system,
  • Operators, service providers and integrators who build custom mediation or billing systems supporting existing legacy switches.
  • Editors of mediation or billing software who extend their connectivity capabilities integrating the MARBEN CDR Collection in their own product.
  • Telecom equipment manufacturers who embed the MARBEN CDR Collection in their own CDR collection/mediation offer.

Handling the X.25 to IP migration in OSS/BSS

IP replaces more and more often X.25 for the Wide Area Network to increase the network capacity and decrease maintenance cost of complex legacy network structures. That is why less computers and equipments manufacturers support X.25, forcing carriers to migrate from X.25 to IP even if the existing collection solution is suitable and despite the existing and operational X.25 legacy switches.

Marben has designed solutions to allow a smooth transition from an X.25 to an IP network and covering all migration cases with a minimal impact on the existing infrastructure. These solutions provide protocol conversion solution from X.25 to TCP/IP like XOT and RFC1006 that can be integrated in Marben collection solutions or provided on a gateway.

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