MARBEN V2X offers a full featured software solution for rapid development of V2X equipment.

MARBEN V2X Solution

MARBEN V2X Features

Lower layers (access; network and transport)

Features (lower layers) E.U. standards U.S. standards
Access layer IEEE 802.11p
ETSI EN 302 663 v1.2.0
ETSI TS 102 724 v1.1.1
Channel-switching (continuous and alternate modes) C2C-CC profile v1.0.4 AL1
  • Control channel (CCH)
IEEE 1609.4 2016
  • Control channel (CCH)
  • Safety channel
  • Service channels (e.g. IPv6)
DCC ETSI TS 102 687 v1.1.1
C2C-CC DCC white paper v1.0
Network layer ETSI EN 302 636-4-1 v1.2.1 (Geonetworking) IEEE 1609.3 2016 (WSMP)
Transport layer ETSI EN 302 636-5-1 v1.2.1 (BTP)
IPv6 (and TCPv6, UDPv6)   IEEE 1609.3 2016


Features (facilities) E.U. standards U.S. standards
Awareness ETSI EN 302 637-2 v1.3.2 (CAM) SAE J2735 2016-03 (BSM, TIM, MAP , SPaT, ...)
SAE J2945/1 2016
Road hazards notification ETSI EN 302 637-3 v1.2.2 (DENM)
Common data dictionary ETSI TS 102 894-2 v1.2.1
LDM ETSI EN 302 895 v1.1.1 MARBEN V2X implements an LDM for its U.S. profile too
Service advertisement   IEEE 1609.3 2016 (WSA, incl. WRA)
MAP and SPaT SAE J2735 2016-03
ETSI TS 103 301 v1.1.1
SAE J2735 2016-03
IVI (in-vehicle information) ETSI TS 103 301 v1.1.1
ISO 17425 (and ISO 19321)
SAE J2735 2016-03 (TIM)

Note: MARBEN ASN.1 Tools are used for encoding and decoding all above messages (U-PER encoding rules).


Features (security) E.U. standards U.S. standards
Security architecture ETSI TS 102 940 v1.1.1 U.S. DOT SCMS design report
Secured message and certificate formats ETSI TS 103 097 v1.2.5 IEEE 1609.2 2016
Consistency checks (e.g. certificate validity and geo-region vs. signed message) ETSI TS 103 097 v1.2.5
IEEE 1609.2 2016
Relevance and replay tests (e.g. generation location and time-based, expiry time, ...)
ITS-AIDs/PSIDs and Service-specific permissions relevance checks ETSI EN 302 637-2 v1.3.2 (CAM)
ETSI EN 302 637-3 v1.2.2 (DENM)
ETSI TS 103 301 v1.1.1
Integration with 3rd party HSM for signing messages C2C-CC profile  
Integration with hardware accelerators for cryptographic operations (e.g. signature verification)    
Privacy (and anonymous IDs - MAC and Geonetworking addresses, station ID) ETSI TS 102 941 v1.1.1
C2C-CC profile
SAE J2945/1 2016-03
PKI ISE PKI SCMS PoC: EE Requirements and Specifications Supporting SCMS Software Release 1.2

E.U. applications

E.U. applications E.U. standards
Electronic Emergency Brake Lights ETSI TS 101 539-1 v1.1.1
C2C-CC triggering conditions
Emergency Vehicle in operation
Stationary Vehicle Warning
Adverse Weather Warning
Road Work Warning
Hazardous Location Warning (Animal on the road,
Human presence on the road, ...)
Stop sign violation warning ETSI TS 101 539-2 v0.0.7

Note: MARBEN V2X also offers lower interfaces (to access its LDM, to trigger/update/terminate DENMs, etc.) for 3rd party applications development on top of MARBEN V2X.

U.S. applications

U.S. applications U.S. standards
Emergency Electronic Brake Lights (EEBL) Miscellaneous
U.S. DOT/NHTSA/CAMP/SAE publications
Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
Do Not Pass Warning (DNPW)
Intersection Movement Assist (IMA)
Left Turn Assist (LTA)
Blind Spot Warning/Lane Change Warning (BSW/LCW)
Control Loss Warning (CLW)
Stop Sign Violation Warning
Curve Speed Warning(CSW)
Red Light Violation Warning
Icy Road Warning

Note: MARBEN V2X also offers lower interfaces (to access its LDM, to add/update/remove additional data elements in BSM messages, to trigger/update/terminate TIM messages, etc.) for 3rd party applications development on top of MARBEN V2X.

MARBEN V2X Architecture and Integration

Both E.U. and U.S. protocols and applications are supported. It is possible to build a MARBEN V2X stack that only provides E.U. protocols and applications, or only U.S. protocols and applications, or both (it would be a matter of dynamic configuration to enable one or the other at any given time).

Integration of the MARBEN V2X Stack: GNSS, CAN bus, 802.11p driver, TCP/UDP/IPv6, crypto accelerators and HSM, HMI

MARBEN V2X Solution is made of the following components:

MARBEN V2X Solution is portable across different environments (CPU, operation systems, ...)

MARBEN V2X Solution provides many off-the-shelf components for integration in common V2X environments.
Integration-specific components are pieces of software that need to be written to glue MARBEN V2X with devices, operation systems, drivers using specific APIs or interfaces.
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