X.25 - TCP/IP Gateway

A simple and progressive X.25 to TCP/IP migration at low cost.

Marben and Microtronix allied to provide the best of X.25 to TCP/IP migration for Telecom, Banking and Finance.

The issue

X.25 is a protocol that gets less and less market support and knowledge. The number of suppliers of X.25 board or software is steadily decreasing and the cost of such equipment is rising. IP is becoming the only networking technology for wide area networking.

Telecom, banking and financial domain are facing more and more the need to move from X.25 to IP networking mainly due to the end of X.25 networks and to lower the operating cost. But why changing X.25 solutions that are working well such as CMISE/CMIP, FTAM, X.400 messages.

The main questions to solve are:

  • What strategy to adopt in the X.25 replacement to avoid technical issues?
  • How to remove X.25 network with minimum impact on existing equipments side?
  • Is it possible to communicate between IP and X.25 machines?

Marben/Microtronix solution

Maintain existing equipments to migrate step by step from X.25 to a full IP network lowing the cost and risks. The two basic types of Gateway capabilities supported are X.25 to TCP conversion and X.25 over TCP encapsulation (XOT) at attractive prices.

  • Communicate between X.25 devices using an IP-based network without modification or re-configuration of the X.25 devices.
  • Interface X.25 devices to TCP/IP devices.
  • Reduce cost due to X.25 links.
  • The Gateway can connect directly to X.25 devices or the X.25 network.
Interfaces X.25 devices to TCP/IP devices

The X.25 to TCP conversion Gateway interfaces X.25 devices to TCP/IP devices. The Gateway terminates each protocol stack and interconnects sessions between them. This interconnection may be as simple as data only (RAW) transfer, or more complex like "message boundary preservation" for X.25 M-bit packets, and message conversion for packets like interrupt and Q-bit data. RFC 1006 is supported. Depending of your configuration it can require modest modification to the TCP/IP application.

X.25 devices using an IP-based network

By tunnelling the X.25 protocol over TCP using XOT, the gateway allows for seamless integration without modification or re-configuration of the X.25 devices. All network addressing is preserved. By transporting the packets, the gateway preserves all of the options of the X.25 protocol. It is a simple and fast solution at low cost. However the host terminating the TCP session must implement the XOT protocol and the X.25 packet layer protocol.

Multiple gateway sessions are supported across a distributed network using both X.25 PVCs and SVCs. The Gateway replaces any modem and multiple simultaneous connections are supported.

Only main configurations and migration requirements are briefly exposed, please contact us for specific needs or additional information.

Marben Products is partner and distributor of Microtronix gateway. You can trust and rely on Marben for Microtronix gateway integration and support. Solution already used by Crédit Lyonnais, Royal Bank of Canada , Wells Fargo Financial, Barclays, Chase Manhattan Bank and others.

information (info@marben-products.com or by phone at +33-1-7962-1018)

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